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Heart - Break
Heart - Crazy on You
Heart - Blue Guitar
Heart - Corduroy Road
Heart - Bright Light Girl
Heart - Bring A Torch
Heart - Boppy's Back
Heart - City's Burning
Heart - Christmas Waits
Heart - Black On Black Ll
Heart - Break The Rock
Heart - Cook With Fire
Heart - Black on Black ii

Artist-Übersicht: A

Artist Lieder
A 133
A (エース) (ACE) 18
A Balladeer 38
A Band Of Bees 14
A Band Of Orcs 4
A Banda Mais Bonita Da Cidade 10
A Bear Named Moe 4
A Beautiful Demise 4
A Beautiful Lie 3
A Beautiful Oblivion 3
A Beautiful Silence 23
A Better Half 8
A Billion Ernies 15
A Bird A Sparrow 8
A Birthday Party Band 17
A Black Rose Burial 7
A Blind Prophecy 6
A Blinding Silence 11
A Bloody Canvas 58
A Blue Ocean Dream 18
A Brand 12
A Breach on Heaven 6
A Breath Before Surfacing 10
A Brighter Balance 8
A Broken Silence 21
A Bullet For Pretty Boy 8
A Burning Water 9
A Cadence Of Sorts 5
A Call For Arms 4
A Camp 23
A Canorous Quintet 31
A Case Of Grenada 8
A Certain Ratio 3
A Chance Worth Taking 5
A Change Of Pace 32
A Change of Pace 15
A Chinese Restaurant 7
A Chorus Line 18
A Cinderella Story 8
A Circle Of Saturn 6
A City Serene 3
A Cold November 6
A Colder Year 6
A Colour Cold Black 28
A Cor Do Som 18
A Corpse Named Abel 6
A Covenant Of Thorns 4
A Covenant of Thorns 17
A Crying Shame 6
A Current Affair 10
A Cursive Lie 3
A Cursive Memory 19
A Cutthroat Kiss 7
A Dark Halo 9
A Dark Performance 10
A Day At The Fair 30
A Day Away 23
A Day Before Sunrise 7
A Day In Black And White 16
A Day In The Life 9
A Day Late 3
A Day Of Disaster 3
A Day Of Pigs 6
A Day Overdue 3
A Day To Remember 71
A Day in the Life 3
A Day to Remember 24
A Day's Refrain 14
A Dead Giveaway 13
A Dead God... 4
A Dead Letter Promise 8
A Death For Every Sin 20
A Delicate Disaster 7
A Destructive Issue 3
A Different Breed of Killer 6
A Dozen Furies 18
A Dreadful Fall 3
A Dream Too Late 14
A Dying Dream 6
A Face For Radio 6
A Fading Memory 3
A Faith Called Chaos 10
A Fall Farewell 7
A Fall To Break 6
A Faylene Sky 6
A Few Good Men 4
A Fight For Life 8
A Final Misconception 3
A Fine Boat, That Coffin! 11
A Fine Frenzy 66
A Fire Inside 9
A Fire Inside (AFI) 3
A Flock Of Seagulls 48
A Flock of Seagulls 28
A Foot In The Grave 3
A Forest Of Stars 7
A Forest of Stars 4
A Forever Change 3
A Frames 4
A Friend In London 3

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