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R. Kelly Songtexte und Übersetzungen

Chanson Visites
R. Kelly - 3 Way Phone Call 101
R. Kelly - 3 Way Phone Call (feat. Kelly Price, Kim Burrell & Maurice Mahon) 70
R. Kelly - 3-Way Phone Call 178
R. Kelly - 3-Way Phone Call Featuring Kelly Price, Kim Burrel 68
R. Kelly - 3-Way Phone Call Featuring Kelly Price, Kim Burrell And Maurice Mahon 51
R. Kelly - A Love Letter Christmas 335
R. Kelly - A Soldier s Heart 90
R. Kelly - A Soldier's Heart 144
R. Kelly - All i Really Want 133
R. Kelly - All I Want To Do 58
R. Kelly - All of my Days 66
R. Kelly - All Rounds On Me 65
R. Kelly - Amazing Love 70
R. Kelly - As i Look Into my Life 36
R. Kelly - Baby, Baby, Baby 170
R. Kelly - Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby 42
R. Kelly - Back To The Way We Are 86
R. Kelly - Born Into The 90's 63
R. Kelly - Bumbibjörnarna 164
R. Kelly - Bump n' Grind 2203
R. Kelly - Burn It Up 750
R. Kelly - Can You Feel It 167
R. Kelly - Chase 58
R. Kelly - Chocolate Factory 217
R. Kelly - Clipped Wings 63
R. Kelly - Coming Home To You 91
R. Kelly - Crazy 99
R. Kelly - Dedicated 109
R. Kelly - Dedicated To My Favourite Girl 125
R. Kelly - Definition Of A Hotti 57
R. Kelly - Don't Let Go 162
R. Kelly - Down Low 425
R. Kelly - Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) 190
R. Kelly - Dream Girl 150
R. Kelly - Elsewhere 89
R. Kelly - Etcetera 77
R. Kelly - Fallin' From The Sky 79
R. Kelly - Fallin' From The Sky 61
R. Kelly - Feelin' on yo Booty 317
R. Kelly - Feelin' On Your Boot 77
R. Kelly - Feelin' on Your Booty 151
R. Kelly - Feelin' Single 345
R. Kelly - Fiesta (remix)" 143
R. Kelly - Fireworks 109
R. Kelly - For You 55
R. Kelly - Forever 44
R. Kelly - Forever And Ever 109
R. Kelly - Freak Show 47
R. Kelly - Get up on a Room 46
R. Kelly - Get Upon A Room 42
R. Kelly - Ghetto Religion 126
R. Kelly - Ghost 89
R. Kelly - Going Through Changes 51
R. Kelly - Gotham City 119
R. Kelly - Half on a Baby 1113
R. Kelly - Hands Of Time 59
R. Kelly - Happy People 256
R. Kelly - Havin' A Baby 85
R. Kelly - Heal It 53
R. Kelly - Hold On 222
R. Kelly - Honey Love 209
R. Kelly - Honeylove 66
R. Kelly - Hotel 242
R. Kelly - How Did You Manage 51
R. Kelly - I Am A Mountain. 104
R. Kelly - I Beleve I Can Fly (Space Jam OST) 66
R. Kelly - I Believ I Can Fly 40
R. Kelly - I Believe 714
R. Kelly - I Believe 2009 92
R. Kelly - I Believe i Can Fly 65
R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly (LP Version) 46
R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly (Radio Edit) 41
R. Kelly - I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky 78
R. Kelly - I Belive I Can Fly 48
R. Kelly - I Belive I Can Fly (это про тебя) 48
R. Kelly - I Can t Sleep Baby 134
R. Kelly - I Can't Sleep Baby 89
R. Kelly - I Can't Sleep Baby (if I) 521
R. Kelly - I Can't Sleep Baby (If I) (Remix) 60
R. Kelly - I Decided 95
R. Kelly - I Had A Dream 65
R. Kelly - I Know What You Need 50
R. Kelly - I Know You Are Hurting 49
R. Kelly - I Like Love 40
R. Kelly - I Like The Crotch On You 79
R. Kelly - I Look To You 74
R. Kelly - I Surrender 74
R. Kelly - I used to think that I could not go on And life was nothing but an awful song But now I know the meaning of true love I & m leaning on the everlasting arms If I can see it, then I can do it If I just 27
R. Kelly - I Wish 230
R. Kelly - I'm The World's Greatest 128
R. Kelly - I'm Your Angel 180
R. Kelly - If 41
R. Kelly - If I Could Make The World Dance 50
R. Kelly - If I Could Turn Back 79
R. Kelly - If I Could Turn Back Hands Of Time 58
R. Kelly - If i Could Turn Back The Hands of Time 41
R. Kelly - If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (слова внутри) 48
R. Kelly - Ignition 74
R. Kelly - Ignition (remix) 1520
R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix) Pt.2 104

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R. Kelly TOP Songtexte und Übersetzungen:

Bump n' Grind
Ignition (remix)
Half on a Baby
Burn It Up
I Believe
When A Woman Loves
Step in The Name of Love
I Can't Sleep Baby (if I)
Down Low
Feelin' Single
A Love Letter Christmas
Feelin' on yo Booty
U Saved Me
Radio Message
Happy People